Samsung has launched it’s new Mobile Samsung m50 in the Indian market on 4th March 2019. We at gopi reviews have done some research for you.

Specification of Samsung Galaxy M50

  • Camera
Samsung m50

Now let’s quote why you should not purchase this Samsung Galaxy M50 phone 🙁

● Non-Removable Battery
● No quick Charging

Below square measure some a lot of specifications of Samsung Galaxy M50

My Opinion for Samsung Galaxy M50:-
So it is time for my Opinion:-
The Samsung Galaxy M50 has an incredible set of camera and therefore the superfine show reveals its feature artistry. It comes with a premium wanting style thus it’s smart in your hand. The battery is tight enough to supply a backup tho’ out the day. If the smartphone is employed a great deal then the user must plug this phone to charging and therefore the processor is powerful and enough to handle any form of multitasking and high-end play.